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Discover why Furo is the perfect biofire for your home:

  1. A beautiful and natural flame view
  2. Ease of use
  3. A safe homely feeling
Inbouw haardvuur Furo met houtset en grijze keitjes met cassette

1. A beautiful and natural flame view

A real fireplace creates an unrivaled ambiance of warmth and coziness that cannot be replicated by anything else.

The undulating, hypnotizing flames are the heart and soul of our fireplaces. Together with the natural crackling sound, our biofires create a stunning focal point that will enchant your senses.

And even when not in use, the natural setting of FURO adds character and charm to any living space.

2. Ease of use

Enjoy those precious moments.

A cozy fire sparks great converstations. Enjoy every minute of this quality time. Do not waste too much time tending to your firepace. Focus on having fun and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Imagine the perfect fireplace, one that brings cozy warmth on demand. Furo’s minimalist design features just two knobs that provide easy and intuitive control. Ease of use in contrast of today’s increasingly complex electronic products.

Behind its easy-to-use control system, Furo fireplaces incorporate a host of advanced technologies and smart design elements that offer optimal comfort and safety.

How easy to use is Furo?

The user experience is straightforward and intuitive. With just a simple push of a button, you can turn the fireplace on and off. The advanced electronics will fill the burner with fuel and will light the fire automatically. The electronics will continue to monitor the burning process until the system is switched off, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Our smart system will communicate with a convenient light on the burner about the status of fuel, temperature, process… And with a 10-liter storage tank, you can enjoy several evenings of uninterrupted comfort without worrying about refueling.

3. A safe homely feeling

Our top priority is your peace of mind and the safety of your loved ones. That’s why we’ve taken every precaution to ensure that our fires are as safe as need be.

You can have peace of mind knowing that our biofires comply with CE standards and are certified by KIWA, meeting the highest safety and quality standards.

At Furo, we take safety seriously and believe that smart design is the key to achieving it.

  • Separation of fuel supply and flame

    Our BIO-O! fire is designed with the most important safety principle in mind: the separation of the fuel supply and the flame. We’ve set up the 10-liter storage tank separately so that it never comes into contact with the fire. We carefully infuse the biofuel, ensuring that the system holds no more than a few centiliters of bioethanol at any given time. This approach guarantees safety.

  • Minimal fuel consumption

    Our biofires feature a unique design that produces a beautiful flame with minimal fuel consumption. They are designed to burn bioethanol efficiently, reducing oxygen consumption in the room to a minimum. Nevertheless, t’s still important to ensure proper ventilation when burning bioethanol to maintain a healthy indoor air quality.

  • Safety sensors

    Furthermore, we’ve incorporated wellthought-out electronics equipped with sensors that monitor the combustion process closely, ensuring safe operation at all times. If any abnormalities are detected, the system will automatically turn off to prevent potential hazards.

  • Child lock

    With the child lock, you can have peace of mind, knowing that curious little hands won’t accidentally ignite the flames. When switching the fireplace on, you will need to operate two buttons simultaneously in a different manner. In this way, you can easily activate the fireplace while keeping it secure from unintended use. Additionally, the reservoir is equipped with a large opening cap preventing a child’s hand from opening it.

Freedom of design

What kind of set-up do you choose?

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Burning up to 20 hours

At Furo, we understand the importance of extended burning times and fuel efficiency when it comes to choosing the perfect fireplace for your home.

  • Our innovative BIO-O! fire series come with a 10-liter seperated reservoir. This ensures that you can burn up to 20 hours without the need for constant refilling.
  • But that’s not all. We have carefully crafted our fireplaces to optimize fuel consumption, resulting in a beautiful flame that burns at the perfect level. Our flames are not too high nor too low, striking the ideal balance between aesthetics and efficiency. Be aware that a high level of fuel consumption also has a high level of oxigen consumption. Always choose the right consumption for your room size. A healthy atmosphere is important.
  • Inbouw haardvuur Furo met houtset en grijze keitjes met cassette

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