Wall setting

Transform your space with an open wall installation, where the BIO-O! system takes center stage. This installation style refers to having more than one open side, allowing you to enjoy the mesmerizing flames from different angles.

Wandopstelling Furo haardvuur met witte keijtes

Flexible Placement

Experience the freedom of flexible placement with our carefully engineered BIO-O! system. Designed to hang securely in any surrounding, the burner itself remains cool while providing mesmerizing flames that radiate warmth. If you choose to incorporate cabinets above the system, ensure the lower part is fireproof to maintain safety.

Our team is always ready to provide expert advice and guide you on selecting the appropriate materials for the cabinets.

  • Customize your fire to suit your style and preference with our range of options, including white stones, beige stones, grey stones and/or log sets.
  • Explore our installation manuals for detailed instructions on securely installing the BIO-O! system in different open wall settings.

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